Max Knobbout is currently doing his PhD rmeesearch in the Intelligent Systems group at Utrecht University on the topic of “Formal Verification of Normative Multi-Agent Systems”. Normative Multi-Agent Systems are large (electronic) systems, like a highway transportation system or an electronic marketplace, consisting of several actors and several norms to regulate the behaviour of these actors. Formal Verification is the act of rigorously proving (or disproving) that the system works as intended. Some of the methods we use are Model Checking and Mathematical/Logical Proof Systems.

After getting his Gymnasium diploma in 2005, Max got his Bachelor degree (2005-2008) and Master degree (2008-2010) in Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University, which he finished Cum Laude. Based on his master thesis, the latter was followed by a publication in one of the biggest AI related conferences (AAMAS) held that year in Taiwan. Since 2011 he’s been employed by Utrecht University to do his PhD research on the topic of “Formal Verification of Normative Multi-Agent Systems”.


  • 1999-2005: Gymnasium (CSG Het Streek, Ede)
  • 2005-2008: Bachelor “Cognitieve Kunstmatige Intelligentie” (Utrecht University)
  • 2008-2010: Master “Cognitive Artificial Intelligence” (Utrecht University), Cum Laude
  • 2011-2015 (expected): PhD Research (Utrecht University)